David Beckham’s Daughter Harper Is His Only Child Who Still Plays Soccer

Looks like David Beckham’s daughter Harper is the only one who inherited his love for soccer.

During Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, the iconic athlete admitted his sons Brooklyn (19), Romeo (15) and Cruz (13) have all dropped the sport.

“She loves it,” Beckham said, noting that his 6-year-old soccer star plays every Sunday. “The boys don’t play anymore, which is heartbreaking.”

The proud father insisted he was only joking about the heartbreak—”it’s not really”—but it sounded like Beckham really missed seeing his boys on the field.

“They have a talent, but obviously none of them play anymore,” he said. “So, it’s down to Harper.”

The former Manchester United player admitted he can be a bit “enthusiastic” when cheering on his daughter from the sidelines. It looks like he’s protective, too. The retired athlete told a story about how he didn’t know how to respond when a little boy ran into Harper during a game.

“I was looking around at the other parents thinking ‘How do I react?’” he recalled. “Do I be a UNICEF ambassador…or do I be Harper’s daddy and be like ‘Really?’ So, I just let it go.”

It looks like Harper’s family fostered her love for the sport from an early age. Back in 2015, Beckham shared a photo of his then 3-year-old daughter shooting a goal and wrote “Mia Hamm eat your heart out. Harper taking lessons from her brothers (oh and her dad).”

As for the boys, it seems as if they’ve developed passions in other areas. Brooklyn has an interest in photography and has even shot campaigns for Burberry. Meanwhile, Romeo has an affinity for tennis, and Cruz enjoys music. He can even play the guitar.

We’re glad Harper is keeping the family tradition alive

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