Cardi B is The ‘King of New York’ & Maybe The ‘Queen of Rap’

Why Cardi B is The ‘King of New York’ & Maybe The ‘Queen of Rap’

Like Cinderella, Cardi B’s rags to riches story is an American Dream, what could be more royal than that?

For 15 years and maybe more, rappers like: Diddy, Lloyd Banks, French Montana, Maino and even Fabolous have dropped hit songs about “bringing New York Back”. Even Jay Z sang about New York.

The entire debacle has been going on for so long with various artists believing they could return the birthplace of hip hop to its original glorious realm. The entire idea might have seemed ridiculous till CARDI B’s INVASION OF PRIVACY album, which portrayed New York once again as the home of the hottest, brightest and biggest superstar in rap.


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