North Korea: Kim Jong Un ‘very sorry’ after his troops shoot dead South Korean official


North Korea: Kim Jong Un ‘very sorry’ after his troops shoot dead

The North Korean leader disputes claims that the man’s body was torched – saying it was only his floating device.

The North Korean leader sent a letter to his counterpart Moon Jae-in, according to South Korea‘s presidential office, stating that he was “very sorry” for the incident – and clarified that the man’s body was not burned.

It was in fact said to be his flotation device that was set on fire as part of anti-coronavirus regulations. He had been found with the equipment near disputed waters earlier this week.

The letter comes after reports on Thursday that a 47-year-old South Korean official was killed by North Korean troops after disappearing from an inspection boat on the western side of the peninsula.

On Friday, it was announced that North Korea’s United Front Department – who are in charge of cross-border ties – had sent a letter to Mr Moon.

In the letter, Mr Kim offered a rare apology, saying he was sorry that the incident had disappointed the South Korean public and that it should not have happened.

More than 10 shots were said to have been fired by the North Korean soldiers at the South’s fishing officials after the man refused to say who he was.


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