Electoral College votes to affirm Biden’s win


Electoral College affirms Biden’s win

  • President-elect Joe Biden has received enough electoral votes to officially clinch the presidency.
  • Biden called on the nation to “turn the page” and unite in a speech tonight.
  • Today’s Electoral College vote is a procedural step that typically goes unnoticed. But it has taken on outsize importance this year as President Trump continues to attack the election results.

 What Do You Know?

The Electoral College affirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over President Trump, he echoed the rights of all Americans “to have your vote counted.”

“In America, politicians don’t take power,” Biden said. “People grant power to them. The flame of democracy was lit in this nation a long time ago. And we now know nothing, not even a pandemic or an abuse of power, can extinguish that flame.”

Biden went on to praise election officials who worked amid a global pandemic to ensure “the integrity of our elections remained intact.”

“One of the extraordinary things we saw this year was that everyday Americans, our friends and our neighbors, often volunteers, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, demonstrating absolute courage, they showed a deep and unwavering faith in and a commitment to the law,” Biden said. “They did their duty in the face of the pandemic. And then they could not and would not give credence to what they knew is not true.”


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