Nigerian guys who dates foreign women to secure a life are evil – Stanley Onuegbu


Stanley Onuegbu; Anambra Broadcasting Station Cinematographer

I have been opportune to have a good interactive time with some of my foreign female friends and fans , who go so emotional as they open up and share with me how most Nigerian guys have interrupted their happiness, by dumping them along the line with no good reasons in their relationship.

Especially when they start doing well financially, when it seems obvious to them they have really achieved in the relationship with foreign counter part.

They start by misbehaving and no longer respect the mutual interest of the relationship.
It is no longer a new thing in our today world, I mean when it comes to relationship for benefits and selfish motives.

It has become a reoccurring event in our communities, both local and international. But I think there’s a great need we value and respect other people’s emotions, irrespective of race, or colour.

Let’s remember we are all humans, says , Stanley onuegbu, the Nigerian based cinematographer.

Any young man that defrauds women of their properties or belongs for exchange of fake relationship is not worth being a man.

Stealing is stealing no matter how you package it, let’s refrain from this lifestyle.



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