Anambra State Gubernatorial Election: GIAN To Endorse Candidate


GIAN To Endorse Credible And Competent Candidate

In its quest for enthronement of good government in Anambra state come November 6th, the Global Initiatives for Anambra Needs, GIAN, has revealed that its resolve to endorse the best candidate for the Anambra 2021 gubernatorial election in the next few days.
The nongovernmental organization made this known in a statement jointly singed by the Director Corporate Services of the group, Amah A. Amah, EG, FAIEM, Director Publicity, Evang (Comdr) Okafor Onochie Francis (CNA),  and the National Secretary, Engr Chukwumaijem Okoro.
The statement said that after the endorsement of the selected candidate, the body of Global Initiatives for Anambra Needs, GIAN, will not only direct its members in all the Wards to work for the candidate, but will drive a process to urge the people of Anambra to join them to deliver him.
The release disclosed that the responsibilities of the Global Initiatives for Anambra Needs is to identify good and God-fearing people based on their demonstrated capacity and competence, known precedence and pedigree; based on these track records, and add their strength and mobilize to enthrone them in leadership during political transitions or campaigns.
It stated that aside active politicking, that the group is a formidable and strong grassroot network of monitors of governance in the state, who will not allow leaders to be enthroned and act at their whims and caprices; saying that they do that by holding Councilors, LGA Chairmen, Members of the State and National Assembly in the State, as well as the Commissioners and Governor accountable to their leadership responsibilities to the people.
It noted that Anambra state must stand-out and distinguish itself from the crowd of unsatisfactory governance, and must also build an enduring legacy of sustenance and sustainability in governance that would also pursue and to a large extent operate on economic and social Independence.
Emphasising on the need for election of good leader in the next month’s election, the statement pointed out that there was a time Anambra state at some point became a state where other state Governors visited on pilgrimage to learn about good governance, and that there is rarely a state in Nigeria presently that has benefitted from the dividends of governance like Anambra, even though there are as still some heights the state needs to attain.
It further stated that NDI Anambra must look out for a competent and capable person with sound antecedents, glowing track records of good performance and high pedigree to serve the statetate as the next Governor.


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